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  1. wearelucky:

    Valerie Phillips new zine “MEOW” is available to pre order today from Create publishing.

    The official release will be at the Photocopy club London on the 21stb of June. The first 10 copies sold receive a free A1 photocopy poster signed by Valerie.

    All Pre orders receive a free 6x4 sticker of the cover.

    Go to for more info.

    This is the first publication Valerie has released since “Amber is for Caution” back in 2010.

    It features model/photographer Arvida Bystrom.

    Here is what Valerie has to say - 

    MEOW by valerie phillips, starring Arvida Bystrom 

    A few weeks ago my friend Milene showed me a self-portrait by a girl called Arvida. She’d titled it Lick Fuck Luck. I loved it so much, I flew her from Sweden to spend the weekend with me in a big empty house in East London, so I could take pictures of her. We painted on walls, drank coffee and talked about all the random things we like.

    Arvida makes art mostly using her camera.

    She is 20 years old.

    She washes her hair, max, once a week.

    She has a hopelessly unrequited love of cats.

    She is allergic to them, so instead of the real thing, she surrounds herself with plastic ones. And stickers. 

    Her favourite colours are pink and rainbow.

    She likes trance, techno and house.

    And she dresses in her own peculiar style, what I’d call girly intellectual hip hop.

    We decided to swap self portraits.

    valerie phillips

    Please Reblog x

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